Belinda L.

Tuesday evening I had my free session with LaTia Powell!! Whew!!! Is all I can say!! This woman is going to be in high demand very soon!! The 30 minutes was so enlightening and a breath of fresh air. A spirit definitely moved!! I cannot wait to continue working with her!! Oh the things I know that are in store for me!! I'm speaking success and growth into the universe now!!! If you're stuck in life just not knowing which way to turn, contact her. Whew!!You won't regret it!!!

Mileana S.


I had the pleasure of meeting LaTia Powell in person when I was in Florida, and when I tell you that she has an amazing gift of seeing you! Like really SEEING YOU! Today I had my first Living Unstuckable session, and she opened my eyes to how I can break the chains and actually get moving in my life! I'm looking forward to booking another session for August! If you've had that feeling of being stuck in life, you should book yours too!

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Sydney J.

Sometimes all you need is a little perspective change ! Not gonna lie this past year has been more than rough! But I'm grateful for human beings like this! LaTia Powell thank you for tolerating my spoiled self for 30 😉 mins. You highlighted so many negative things I was holding onto. Who would have known 30 minutes would change my life and the way I see it. I swear you have a gift!

"ungratefulness can breed loneliness"

Ladies and gents do not miss out on this opportunity to LIVE unstuckable